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In today’s world of social media, we are constantly bombarded with messages of who and what we should be. This thinking stifles creativity, tempers dreams and encourages people to hide who they truly are in order to conform.

I am passionate about inspiring others to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles and find the courage to embrace what makes them unique!

I aim to inspire through speaking, mentoring and sharing my vocal talents. Continue exploring my site or contact me to learn more!

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I am…

An Inspirational Speaker

The theme of my talk is “I am… Unique”, and it is meant to inspire each audience member to embrace what is genuinely unique about them and share it with others! To help them do this, I combine my speaking and vocal talents to share my personal story and various lessons that I have learned along the way.

I am particularly passionate about helping young women reach their potential, but my message is something everyone deserves to hear. Contact me now for more details!

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I am…

A Mentor and Leader

With almost 20 years of leadership experience in both military and corporate environments, I am often sought out as a mentor by my colleagues.

I offer private mentoring sessions for high school and college students as well as early career professionals. The meetings can be held in person or online. Each relationship starts with a free phone consult to discuss your individual objectives. I look forward to hearing how I can help you reach your goals!

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I am…

A Vocalist

I started singing professionally when I was a teenager, and it is something I have carried with me through every stage of my life. I am currently available as a soloist for wedding ceremonies and would love to be part of your special day!

As an Air Force Veteran, I consider it a privilege and an honor to perform our National Anthem and often offer this on a volunteer basis. Please let me know how I can add this distinct touch to your event!


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